Friday, July 10, 2009


Thank you sir

Today was a great day for me and this blog will explain it how.
We had a party time from our company and we went to a resort (Leo meridian) outside the city for having some dance practice from john britto gang. Every thing there was cool and we all tried (because I think it was only a try not a dance) to dance for almost 4-5 hrs and then came back home. While coming back home I met a person who is in Indian military. I must say you here that this was not planned. We just met him and I was really very much impressed by his thoughts he shared with us during that small meet. I feel that it should be a valuable thing to share those with my friends and that’s why I am putting all the thoughts in this blog.

We all were returning from the dance class in which all the dances were of western nature or better to say non-indian kinda. When we let him know about this I feel that he did not feel very great about it. Though it does not mean he was against these things but still he wanted it to happen some other way. Then he told us the way he feels and just with in 15 minutes he put his thoughts before us and here are those precious ones…
First of all being a military person he told us the kind of invasion a country can have. He told that there can be 3 types of invasion in this world.
1. Military Invasion: which is the least dangerous in its impact as the asset lost and things destroyed can be recovered and rebuilt if the nation has a good will power for it. Its impact goes out in the least time once the war is over which we can justify by many such events which happened in history.
2. Economic Invasion: These is the 2nd type of invasion whose impact is worse than the first one and in this one you never get a direct feel of the attack being taking place and after some time you realize about your inability which automatically generates as an aftereffect of this. Its impact is more lasting and the recovery takes time.
3. Cultural Invasion: This is the 3rd in its kind and most brutal in its impact as the recovery is almost impossible. In this you even don’t feel that some thing wrong is going on somewhere, rather you feel that there are something sweet going on. And you get a feel of things going positively with a rocking speed. And in most of the cases while persuading that speed you forget your roots and your own culture and finally when the impact appears bare faced then you are not in a position to recover. As mentioned here this one is the most deadly due to its impact and the hidden nature of attack.
The person who was putting these thoughts said to us that we (actually most of us, mostly young generation) are under attack of the 3rd kind of invasion and as per its nature we are not able to feel it rather we are feeling better. His main concern was that its not bad in tasting things which others have and others do but there should not be a blind aping of things.
He even quoted the starting days of this attack when Englishmen used to distribute packets of tea free of cost during his grandpa’s days and we gradually lost our own sarbat, lassi and sattu pani.

It was really a great a talk with that gentleman and I would like to salute his way of thinking and attitude. He did not preach us to live our life differently than what we are doing right now, but he just cautioned and requested us to check our roots time to time.

I salute his thoughts and I hope that his concern will not go in waste. Thanks a lot sir for sharing such valuable thoughts.

[This is a post from my old blog. On public demand I am re-posting it  ;)  Please refer today as december 3 2006.]

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