Monday, July 13, 2009


Many many congratulations “Raza and Mubeen”

With the title of the blog, most of the readers would have guessed that probably its a congratulation to a newly wed couple. you are right and i am on the way to return journey from Hyderabad to Bangalore and just trying to recollect the moments which I spent this weekend. There are so many sweet memories attached with the trip and I would like to share it with you. These memories make it a memorable one. Some of the main reasons are:

  1. It was wedding of one of my very good friend (Raza)
  2. First time i was attending a Muslim wedding and I was very excited for it.
  3. The day of marriage was also my birthday :)
  4. I met with many old friends and spending time with them was real fun.

What else do you want to achieve during a normal weekend.

I left from my office on Friday evening then met one of my very old fiend on station. It was his first day in office after passing out from IIMb. we sat in the train and my phone started ringing from 11 P.M. onwards. Many of the people who were knowing that i was travelling that night were wishing before time as they were worried about what if i am out of the signal coverage. So, first time i celebrated my birthday inside a Indian Railways coach.

Next morning we were in the city with which i have a lots of memories as this is the city from where my career started. Then we met with the groom and here we were a little bit disappointed to see the tummy of the groom (Raza i am sorry but its a truth).  Next with friends i moved to a nearby shopping mall (GVK 1) and did some shopping for my birthday. Celebrated the birthday with the pastries from Karachi bakery and then in the evening finally reached the place where the marriage was supposed to take place. i was thrilled as i wanted to know the way it goes on and i actually found it very exciting. We met with the boy, congratulated him and then finally had that awesome biryani which was the crux of all things. Thanks raza for the awesome biryani. I suggest you to open a restaurant with the same caterer.

The very next day it was a fun time with friends, met with raza and bhabhi. I along with Vineet and Himanshu did lots of masti and the finally i am returning back from Hyderabad to Bangalore. When i recollect the moments many of the things are still there which make me either laugh/smile like:

  • Joke by Himanshu (Because I find that i have some responsibility towards the society, I cann’t publish that here, but it was a killer one :) ).
  • Dhokala, Raj kachauri and masala milk of Tiwari. I miss it like anything in Bangalore.


Wish you all the best Raza and Mubeen in the new life.

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